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This is my personal website. We study, investigate and scrutinise scientific papers and broadcasting news to check what current ideas seem to be valid. Historical research is a very important tool that is undervalued and misunderstood currently. We do not depend on politics, our only policy is didatics. Philosophy is the mother of all sciences.


The website was down for many months. Hopefully it shall remain up and running. The website is now archived indefintely. Thank you all visitors!

Some videos from my old YouTube channel (now removed) are now available here under the Vlog section.

Website is going unmaintained soon. Please check blog posts #38 and #39 for more info.

Moved older items from Quotes and Links to dedicated pages so to avoid a landing page that is too long..

RSS Feeds are finally stable.

If you find problems, remove and add my feeds in you reader again. If you want and have got time, please send feedback (suggestions and/or opinions) about the RSS Feed to me.

Improved the navigation system. Also changed the navigation system of blog pages, which use W3.CSS framework.. Now our website has got an RSS Feed!

I will run the spellcheck on my website pages sometimes, however please take no notice on spelling mistakes or let me know by e-mail, I will be pleased to fix that. I don't have a means to make my bad grammar into good grammar other than re-reading the text myself sometimes.

You can check a silly page I'm making. I am having fun with HTML and CSS and hopefully learning some more of that. But also because web pages made by real HTML amateurs are sort of special..

The Fool Environmentalist

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What news articles are really dependable? It seems there is so much alarmism out in the media. May that be science has become banal?

We shall take our time to scrutinise some papers and point out mistakes and remark the proper in a dedicated page.


Do you want my advice? Stop looking for advice. Go out and do something. And stick to it. Remember: everything is a risk. Now go take a risk.
--Myron Steves
Power improves no one. Love, gentleness, compassion, kindness - have no use for power. They flower from the heart. The parts hungry for power are greed, hostility and every other destructive aspect of human nature. Power corrupts. Without exception.
--John McAfee
Tolerance is not a moral absolute; it is a peace treaty. [...] [Tolerance] is an agreement to live in peace, not an agreement to be peaceful no matter the conduct of others.
--Tolerance is not a moral precept
Ask for forgiveness, not permission
--Hixie's Natural Log

Biólogo Blogueiro

Notas sobre biologia, ciência e tecnologia

Este é o meu sítio pessoal. Estudamos e investigamos minuciosamente artigos científicos e notícias da imprensa para avaliar quais ideias correntes parecem ser válidas. A pesquisa histórica é uma ferramenta muito importante e está desvalorizada e é mal interpretada atualmente. Não nos atemos a posições políticas, a nossa única política é a didática. A filosofia é a mãe de todas as ciências.


O sítio esteve fora do ar por muitos meses e agora deve permanecer funcionando. O sítio está agora arquivado indefinidamente. Obrigado a todos os visitantes!

Alguns dos meus vídeos do antigo canal do YouTube (agora rmeovido) estão disponíveis na seção de Vlog. Os vídeos do meu canal do YouTube são em português.

O site ficará sem sem manutenção logo. Favor conferir posts do blog #38 e #39 para mais inofrmações.

Movi as páginas de Citações e Links para páginas dedicadas, assim evito uma página de chegada muito longa para o visitante..

Os Feeds de RSS finalmente estão estáveis.

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Site meio bilingüe 😜. A maior parte do sítio está na língua inglesa, porém pode haver posts no blog que estejam totalmente ou contenham trechos em português. Veja meu vlog no youtube, que é totalmente em português.

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