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This is my personal website. We study, investigate and scrutinise scientific papers and broadcasting news to check what current ideas seem to be valid. Historical research is a very important tool that is undervalued and misunderstood currently. We do not depend on politics, our only policy is didatics. Philosophy is the mother of all sciences.


I will run the spellcheck on my website pages sometimes, however please take no notice on spelling mistakes or let me know by e-mail, I will be pleased to fix that. I don't have a means to make my bad grammar into good grammar other than re-reading the text myself sometimes.

You can check a silly page I'm making. I am having fun with HTML and CSS and hopefully learning some more of that. But also because web pages made by real HTML amateurs are sort of special..

The Fool Environmentalist

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What news articles are really dependable? It seems there is so much alarmism out in the media. May that be science has become banal?

We shall take our time to scrutinise some papers and point out mistakes and remark the proper in a dedicated page.


Jorge sentou praça na cavalaria. Eu estou feliz por que eu também, talvez, estou na sua compania. Eu estou vestido com as roupas e as armas de Jorge. Para que meus inimigos tenham mãos, não me toquem. Para que meus inimigos tenham pés. Não me alcançem. Para que meus inimigos tenham olhos e não me vejam. E nem mesmo o pensamento eles possam ter para me fazerem mal.
Jorge Ben Jor, Jorge de Capadócia
大器晩成 Great talents mature slowly.
--Japanese proverb
Death is only the end of the book. The book remains to be re-read.
--Talking Philosophy, see comments section
»──❥ If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow.
--~Chinese proverb
It is fascinating to know things but the more you know, the greater the boundary of the unknown.
--Ted Nelson
I'm not the person who loves to be in the spotlight and so on and so forth, that kind of success is like a fever, and high fever can be very dangerous. It’s not reality.
--Erno Rubik
Concerns about 'rights' and 'ownership' of domains are inappropriate. It is appropriate to be concerned about 'responsibilities' and 'service' to the community.
--RFC documents
When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.
--The Adventure of the Blanchedn Soldier


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Este é o meu sítio pessoal. Estudamos e investigamos minuciosamente artigos científicos e notícias da imprensa para avaliar quais ideias correntes parecem ser válidas. A pesquisa histórica é uma ferramenta muito importante e está desvalorizada e é mal interpretada atualmente. Não nos atemos a posições políticas, a nossa única política é a didática. A filosofia é a mãe de todas as ciências.

Conteúdo do site

Site meio bilingüe ;] . A maior parte do sítio está na língua inglesa, porém pode haver posts no blog que estejam totalmente ou contenham trechos em português. Veja meu vlog no youtube, que é totalmente em português.

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