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#42 - Podcast #7 - Season Finale - Freedom, Focus and Mushrooms

Notas sobre o último episódio da temporada do podcast. Não conseguimos abordar todos os assuntos, mas tem bastante conteúdo e histórias..

I am not sure how to script out this podcast, but I sure want to record one more episode.

Actually, I did try recording a last episode for this podcast season, but I decided to try to broadcast a live event on YouTube with Streamlabs (Android) and lost the stream (about 36min) because Streamlabs was not able to stream to YouTube. Didn't warn it in a way I could understand before ending the event.

Sync news about YouTube channel (removed) and this website future developments (or lack of)
Just go over the subjects on blog posts #38 and #39.
Plans for a future Season 1 of my podcast.
The second season (Season 1) of the podcast may be in English. If so, episodes will be shorter and I will need planning a little more for each episode as I fear my spoken English may be rather rusty..
Getting my parents vaccinated and Covid
Dad vaccination went OK but mum was not able to have ser second shot, yet. We met some funny people while waiting on queues..
Politics, public contests and jobs
Cannot really say there is a complete lack of jobs but that is not a simple subject.. Some political notes.
Bitcoin price, Elon Musk and Hodling
Just to make sure I think Elon Musk is not making such good decisions anymore.. Comments about hodling.
Climate Summit
USA is back, promises to cut emissions by 50% until 2050. Leader, some other countries try to follow suit. Bill Gates is an arse.
I wish these powerful people, not intelligent people, would talk about vanquishing hunger, illness and poverty. As it is, that summit is ridiculous.
Five things we learned from the Biden Climate Summit
Cúpula do clima: EUA surpreendem com metas de cortes de emissão ambiciosas
Unfortunately, this topic was not covered in this episode..
Becoming an activist by accident, Clintel and Heartland
There may some powerful people looking for me. They want to SLAPP.
Unfortunately, this topic was not covered in this episode..
Defeating my vices
I am glad I don't do hard drugs, such as cocaine. But alcohol, tobacco and Marijuana may also become a big problem, specially when these vices lock together.
There are some YouTube references which are helping me a lot:
Captain Gnarkill
Kyle Sullivan
Timothy Ward
Travis Woo
Rafael Jordão
Davi Silva Coach Addiction
This last one channel (Davi's) is helping me a lot because he has got new techniques to help defeat addictions. For example, he says we should not keep thinking alcoholism is a disease and that we shall be ill of it for ever. Such thoughts just make us depressed. Better not to think too much of our own addiction and try to keep on the recovery path. Also, better not to keep talking too much about addiction. We want to be free of addictions and forget to talk about it.
Mushrooms and Psychedelics
Talk about mushroom trip stories from some years back and maybe we should aim to have another mushroom trip some time. But before that, we need the appropriate date, set and setting.


That is unfortunate we could not go over about all the topics but there were lots of things we talked about..

Ventania cover (disc)
Fig 1. CD cover of a famous Brazilian artist. He talks about mushrooms, gnomes and the such in his songs. Ventania, as he is called, is a long wanderer.
Fig 2. Psilocybe cubensis by Fausto Barros (flickr).