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by Mountaineerbr

#38 - Going Away

Foi legal montar este website, mas agora tenho novos negócios a fazer e preciso de foco. Espero que o leitor/ouvinte/visita tenha gostado do nosso conteúdo! Nos vemos por aí!

There is new business I need to attend.

I will be making two websites for family members this year and it will be unsustainable if I care to keep my own (this) website up. The shell scripts I wrote to generate pages for this website are working fine but became complex and I would rather try to write a more simple website sometime. That is unforeseeable future plans. I may reuse this address or even buy my own domain..

Other than that, I need focus to studying environmental law and do something about my career.

That was fun to make my own broadcasting network.

I hope the reader/listener/visitor enjoyed the content in this channel!

See you. Cheers!