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by Mountaineerbr

#39 - Not Quite Done Yet

I am really proud of my little blog system. I cannot just remove it from the public domain reach. The same feeling is not so strong about my YouTube Channel.

In fact, with very little remorse I was able to remove that on Friday. Google (at least YouTube branch) cannot use my data and my subscribers data as they wish anymore. There were 258 subscribers to my YouTube channel and more than 130, many which I am proud to have recorded, some turned out to be lessons of didatics or lack of.. I made a copy of all of the videos with good youtube-dl and for my surprise, there was no more than 26GB of content. I know some YouTubers claim to have much more data for content but they must mean raw content shot locally, without edition and directly from the camera, not downloaded with:

youtube-dl -f best -ciw -o "%(title)s.%(ext)s" --add-metadata -v "$url" |& tee log.txt

Unfortunatelly, I cannot host these videos on GitHub. Many videos are heavy and long, like 40min or even longer. I wish I could host them here, though. Luckily, the podcast system solves this problem, albeit with less content..

GitHub repos were made private, following a suggestion from DistroTube some time ago.. That is a relief for me. But know what, I will make my own version of a repo and share static copies of my public c files (dotfiles) and some other interesting stuff (mostly neutral things) that need sharing to complement my blog posts here and keep those dedicated GitHub repos for private use.

Just a note, this website is hosted in GitHub, so you can check it over there, too..

There are some more or less sensitive information I am removing from this website. When other people say they have got a personnal website, they don't usually mean a public diary, rather leave some (hopefully useful) information and ideas for other peple to reach.

Things get complicated when it comes to employment. We don't mean to scare off potential employers.. Reconsidering what to post exatcly is a good idea. Very clear context should avoid some problems of interpretation, too.

That said, the website structure is growing big and may seem like a complete mess for an outsider. One of my first intentions when building this website was that it had depth and there was a lot to learning shell scripting for developing a sort of suite of poor man webmaster tools to manage this website. Not too hard but it demands effort and time. I am sure anyone can make a dream website in details from scratch in under 9 months. That may seem like a long time but if you don't start, you will never get there.

While I don't mind using HTML docs to keeping my personal annotations like Xah Lee, it is also important that the useful information in this blog be accessible for me through any device over the internet. That is another reason why one should have one personal website: to keep himself organised and available reference-wise.

There are some powerful and bad peple trying to get hold of me on personal grounds due to my confronting their dangerous research on Brazilian people. I ought to refrain from getting into details as a possible lawsuit may be involved. My accusation against them is very technical and to explain it would take a reasonable amount of time and writing. Wish me luck, time is my best friend.

Considering what I wrote in previous posts, all this builds towards my freezing, rather than removing, this website from public domain.

This does not mean I cannot eventually post here again but rather I mean to have multiple websites! That tastes like Freedom & Independence!