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by Mountaineerbr

#43 - Former YouTube Subscription List

When I removed my YouTube channel and content, I migrated the best subscriptions I had to a secondary account which I was using for browsing videos only.

As it happens, removing YouTube from my life/focus has been painful but very rewarding. It is good to have more time to think about my life and the things I need do.

It turns out that I was spending too much time on my secondary YouTube account watching videos.. So I decided to remove this other account, too, and focus on other things..

However, watching youtube videos sometimes may not a bad idea.. Some people are just fun but others keep an eye on climate change and market news.. So I compiled the following list. The list is almost complete, there may be missing about a dozen or so channel names..

YouTube Subscriptions

Please check the Links page.

There is a new section there with all my former youtube sub list..