About this website

This is my personal website and its mainly purpose is to record ideas and research notes, compile link lists (references) for personal usage and to produce original work.

However personal this website may be, its purpose is also due to sharing content, so perhaps more technically maybe that should be called a public personal website (I'm coining this expression) and I hope the visitor can enjoy its content.

While I am not sure how good that is to flash one's credentials, I admit sometimes knowing better someone may be useful. That is not to say one's credentials alone mean much.

What about stupidity?

I reckon that is stupid when one only cares about diploma degrees. The word qualification may be inappropriate or unjust, because many people who do not possess such lawful papers may be qualified to talk about any certain subject, in many ways. Though I reckon that as a broad generalisation is a much better filter for identifying a competent person than just checking one's degrees, it mau also required more work from the reader. The main point here is to suspend all authority of one's credentials before judging one's ideas by their sole merit first, if that is what matters (science, hopefully).

If one's rationale passes verification from a human peer, a qualification degree may be useful in explaining one's ideas or supporting one's claims further, but that cascading sequence of verification should probably not be done in the inverse sense or order!

See for example this article on biohacking, which I just found on the internet and opened my eyes to amazing possibilities I had not thought about yet..

Background summary

Without further a-do, some relevant facts about my profile.

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Aqui falamos sobre ciência e tecnologia. Faço anotações de idéas e pesquisas, assim como listas com links (compilação de referências) e também produzo material original.

Possivelmente, iremos produzir alguns episódios de Podcast em Português em algum momento no futuro 😜.

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