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by Mountaineerbr

#3 - Blog Design

I am reading a lot of HTML code from other personal blogs/websites.. I am seeing all those blogs I collected over the years in a new perspective. Some of these blogs are from people with information technology backgrounds, and yet they seem to use Jekyll or some other layout programmes, such as WordPress to generate pages. See Aurelio Jargas' website. Aurelio is using Jekyll now, however it was possible to find a very early webpage of his Brazilian music group called DUMBS written, presumably, by himself. The webpage seems to have started with a simple, cool design (and one picture of the band!), which was soon after buried under a lot of litter (gifs, pictures), which would leave important information out of sight. Sometime later, Aurelio writes in the website logs that the page was slow to load, too! We can compare with the music band final website he maintains as memoir of good times to this date.

There is no convincing me any of these programmes end up being easier to learn and use than to make your own webpages with good HTML and CSS code. The principle still ought to be a clean website with good content is superior than busy and heavy websites.

It is clear that if a website grows, it starts to getting harder to maintain the pages. However, CSS style sheets may prove very handy for changing formatting of a series of posts. While HTML structures the text, CSS will style it.
Not everything can be done with CSS but I reckon much can be done without need of a complete rewrite of the website. Plus, sed can be very useful in changing whole sections of HTML documents. Bash may not be the most recommended language for maintenance of a very large website, perhaps, however bash is already helping me with compiling the All posts page. Every blog post has got its own manually-crafted HTML page, with many logical tags which may serve to present this same content in different ways for different people, for example, for the visually impaired or the people in the future, whenever in time.

Aurelio's writing style can be funny and that keeps the reader interested. I shall try to keep this website light-spirited, too..

For now, I cannot grow this website too much without further defining and deciding on its basic structure. For that, I may even make some drawings on paper and try to implement that structure in HTML code..