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by Mountaineerbr

#4 - Podcast Idéia

Depois de ver dar uma olhada melhor no blog do Luke Smith, estou pensando em copiar algumas seções, como por exemplo, inaugurar um podcast em Português. Definitivamente, o meu conteúdo vai ter que ser espalhado em duas línguas. Veja, por exemplo, meu canal canal no YouTube, totalmente em português.. A ideia de um podcast é muito boa pois abre uma avenida de possibilidades, além de ser mais fácil de gravar, quem sabe um episódio por mês.. Aguardem..

Luke Smith's blog has nice posts about his website development. Specially, today, I was reading the very first posts, from may 2008, and he states preference for a minimalist website. There is also depth to his website, browsing it I could find many links to different sections of his website: video, podcast and rss feed. He has got even a forum, which I avoided entering so far, may check it later. That LARBS distribution seems to have many users. I would't dare using it, because that would be one more layer -- instead of having to learn how to configure the tools themselves, I would have to learn how to configure his LARBS tools.. And I just found how convoluted his distro design might be, look at how redundant is this directory structure, which he cites in this post in which you navigate downwards levels until you can find the distro default configuration file at ~/.config/fontconfig/fonts.conf.

His website has very interesting ideas, pages and depth to content. Specially, the podcast section got my attention. I already have got a YouTube channel (in portuguese), and some faithful followers, even though I advertise that channel as a B-side channel, meaning produced with as little time as would afford that.. However, a podcast, in which only the voice is the most important piece of the play, seems like good fun. That is easier to record, easy to upload, easy to download.. It can have high quality sound as any mobile phone has great microphone, much different from my computer microphone used for producing my youtube channel content!

It would make sense to have my podcast in portuguese, which means effectively splitting content in two languages in this website. Production would be slower, one episode a month. And I could have co-hosts or interviews, chatting with other cool people, so that is a big opened avenue.

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