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#2 - English & Português

Como comento bastante nos parágrafos abaixo, é complicado eu replicar o mesmo conteúdo em português e inglês. Apesar da intenção deste site ser para anotações de pesquisas e ideas, assim como coleção de listas de links de referência para uso pessoal em momento futuro, também é para ser compartilhado com interessados, e seria uma pena não usar o Inglês para tentar atingir o maior número de pessoas ao redor do mundo. De modo que decidi escrever os textos em qualquer língua, porém sem compromissos ou promessas.

Há um texto meu em português com memórias e algumas histórias de minhas aventuras no Japão, onde cursei um ano e meio do ensino médio na escola internato Meitoku Gijuku, o que mudou muito o meu caráter e meu modo de ver as coisas.. Veja O Espelho de Jamil. no blog d'A Viagem de ShigeS.

This is the last day of August. Today, I am trying to consolidate my health-wise plans for September. My routine needs improvement, it is already much better than it was between 2014-2017, but sometimes I fail my plans and that may lead me to some bad days too easily. That is what needs improvement, more resistance to a routine which can keep my frustrations in check.

Anyways, Luke Smith has got a video in which he explains how he manages his website. he has got a cloud Debian server server in which 'nginx' is installed.. The programme is called 'engine ex' and is a web server. In this website, I am doing everything manually and carefully, for example, all subdirectories will need have an index.html file in order for their contents not to be visible as raw file hierarch, even if that must be a 403-forbidden-type index.html..

There are other more important steps I could do at leisure first, for example, renting a custom domain for the website and a better place to host that than GitHub..

An important point is to decide what language this website will be. I reckon that would be a shame not to use English as a practical means for exposing content to the wide world web, however most people I know speak only Portuguese. There is just so much time and effort I can put into this website, and as much of the purpose of creating this is for my recordings of research and ideas, collating references and links for easily accessing them later, just as much my intent is to share and spread these writings with everyone else.
That leaves me in a difficult position but it is decided I will write in whichever language, but I cannot promise as much content in both languages. I hope this is may serve as stimulus for those who would like to read more of my posts. It may also be useful, there may be some information I would rather not expose in either English or Portuguese..

I know a little Japanese, too. That was the biggest movement of my life when I went to Japan and lived in Meitoku Gijuku, a boarding school, for one year and a half. There is a long recollection text in portuguese I wrote just before leaving Japan. That is hosted online at the blog A Viagem de ShigueS O Espelho de Jamil.

blog author after trekking in a mountain trail in Japan
Fig 1. Otsukaresama! We got to the top of the mountain in new year's day (1st January 2006) just to watch the sun rise. The group was about 8 people, two were Americans and all others, except me, were Japanese. I knew half of those people with whom we had celebrated new year's evening the night before together. (credit: personal archive)

meitoku gijuku junior senior high school promotional banner
Fig 2. Meitoku Gijuku Junior & Senior High School promotional banner. (credit: meitoku gijuku website)