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#25 - Podcast #4 - Ban, Sending CVs and Poor Man's Webmaster Tools

Separando alguns tópicos para o podcast. Espero conseguir separar mais tópicos que o necessário, escolher os melhores para ver se conseguimos parar o podcast por volta dos 40min..

Tentarei gravar o podcast hoje ainda.. Depois faremos o processamento de áudio pelo aplicativo Dolby On do Android, criaremos o artwork para o feed (com LibreOffice Impress ou Inkscape) e também para o YouTube com o ffmpeg..

Some of the topics I am thinking about for this podcast recording. I may skip some of the smaller topics as the podcast should stop at around the 40min mark, hopefully.

I will try and record the podcast today. Then, need processing the audio in an Android app named Dolby On, generating artworks for the podcast feed (with LibreOffice Impress or Inkscape) and for YouTube (with ffmpeg)..


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Unfortunately, Soundcloud does not fetch episodes from my custom XML feed so I am not available there..

The scripts to generate my blog pages, sitemaps and rss feeds are rather complex at this point. I do not intend to update them very much more, rather I want to stabilise them so I can add content easily later. All processing is done using shell scripting and some blobs written in C, such as tidy, xmlstarlet and xmllint. The scripts take about 40 seconds to process all pages of my blog. In order to make the scripts run a little faster, I could optionally keep cached files for pre-processed content which did not change.

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After recording the podcast from a high cliff on the outskirts of my city and contemplating such beautiful country scenery, I reviewed the podcast recording and then watched some YouTube videos..

When I finally decided to head back home and turned the engine key, the battery was dead.

Mum's car has got an automatic start, therefore I cannot simply pop the clutch to get it rolling.

Fortunately, the car has got insurance. I phoned up the insurance service and asked for an engine start help. They said it would take 75min for the help to reach me.

I waited patiently at the car watching some YouTube films. I tried to start the engine a few times without success.

The car has a terrible software system. A list of bad programming of this car model software is due. For example, when I turn the keys, the radio goes on at the same time as all the lights of the panel alongside the engine spark firing! Also, if I open and then close the car door, the radio and all the panel lights will light up for a moment like an init system is booting up.

If battery is low, the ONIX-model car software does not route energy preferentially for the engine to start.

The insurance guy arose but we had a problem with the address I had given the insurance lady on the phone previously, so I had to update it by phone.

The new phone attendant was very talkative and demanded confirmation of a lot of information and needed to talk to the insurance guy who was already standing besides me.

The insurance woman on the phone was so suspicious and cautious that she took a long time. In the meantime, raining came.

Raining got very strong, the insurance man got into his car and I got into mine but all windows were open.

Finally, the insurance guy gave up talking to the insurance lady on the phone and got wet into the rain trying to charge my car battery.

I was able to pull up the windows but a lot of water got into the car..