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#19 - State Governor Response

Semana passada, depois de procurar concursos públicos na minha área de formação e ver que estão em baixa, decidi me oferecer a trabalhar voluntariamente no combate à Covid de um a dois meses. Especialmente, achei que poderia ser útil agora no final do ano, durante as datas comemorativas, visto que muito do pessoal deve tirar férias merecidas.

Mandei uma carta e currículo para várias instituições em São Paulo e algumas no Paraná. Claro, a princípio prefiro trabalhar voluntariamente nas maiores instituições. Recebi algumas respostas, inclusive uma surpreendente do Governador de São Paulo, João Doria.

Last week I was searching for private companies to send in my curriculum vitae. I also checked for public service examinations for a position, however none was found on my area of training.

There are too many stories about people needing a job who send dozens or hundreds CVs and receive no answer, so I prepared to not give up so soon. I actually sent dozens of unrequested CVs to private companies about my city at the end of 2018 and got no replies. Indeed, most companies I sent a copy of my CV may not need a biologist, but that was worth a try. And I am hopeful enough to do that again this year!

In the meantime, that would be a smart move from me to do volunteer work against Covid. My training as a biologist may come in handy. I do not expect to be at the front line of vaccine research or production but maybe I could be useful for something. As a reward, I can add the public institution name I served as a volunteer in my CV later..

It has been almost 4 years since my master's degree and away from the academy. I know teachers and other important people from the academy have got some prejudice towards those away from the academy for so long. I have no plans to take PhD degree nor do I plan on teaching at universities in the foreseeable future. Yet, there is a longing to be back within the science on the making..

I sent some presentation letters and CVs to the biggest public institutions working against Covid, researching and producing the vaccine. Because all my university training was completed in various public, state and federal universities from two states (Paraná and São Paulo), I thought it was almost my duty to help in some way as retribution for all the public money invested on me as a student.

These institutions or people include:

  1. Secretary of State for Health from Paraná (my state)
  2. Secretary of State for Health from São Paulo (neighbour state)
  3. Secretary of State for Health form from São Paulo
  4. Instituto Adolfo Lutz
  5. Instituto Adolfo Lutz public relations department
  6. Butantan Institute
  7. Butantan Institute head directly
  8. São Paulo governor personal e-mail (found on some document on Google)

As a last resort, I may still send an e-mail to one graduation teacher of mine who is currently involved with the Covid programme in my state, as she is a biochemist and immunologist. I took internship under her tuition so she knows that I have been keen onto immunology and molecular biology all along..

I got five responses in total, two of them came in quickly last week. Mostly, they said thanks for the volunteer application and my civility in trying to help our people.

On Monday, this week, I was reading the news and there was an interview from São Paulo governor, reprinted below from the magazine O Antagonista:

Doria defende frente para derrotar Bolsonaro

23.11.20 07:00 [$$ 5]

João Doria defende uma frente ampla para derrotar Jair Bolsonaro em 2022.

Ele disse para o Estadão:

“A frente não deve ser contra Bolsonaro, mas a favor do Brasil. A frente deve reunir o maior número possível de pessoas e pensamentos que estejam dispostos a proteger o Brasil e a população. Comporta o pensamento liberal de centro, que é o que eu pratico, mas comporta também centro-direita, centro-esquerda, aqueles que têm um pensamento mais à esquerda e à direita. Só não caberá o pensamento dos extremistas, até porque os extremistas não querem compartilhar, discutir. Eles querem impor situações ao País, tanto na extrema-esquerda, quanto na extrema-direita. Destes extremos nós temos que ficar longe.”

Sobre Sergio Moro, ele disse:

“Ele deve fazer parte dessa frente. Tem história, biografia e posicionamento. Nunca declarou que era candidato. Sempre teve altivez e grandeza para defender o País, independentemente dos interesses pessoais.”
(Fetched with a scraper script from my GitHub repo)

The governor, João Doria, is talking about politics parties, however as I was sort of expecting a response from him, I read through all the nuances and extracted a message I thought was directed for me.

I read it like so:

If it only depended on me, those who have got loftiness and grandeur to defend the country without personal interests in stand, we want to gather. However, those who are right- and left-extremists and want to impose things to their country, we must avoid.

Maybe I should avoid sending my CV and volunteer letter insistently? That seemed to be a very good tip from Mr Doria. That is useful for not forcing it too much when asking for private jobs, too.

Either I was becoming mad or he really did reply to me via that interview. That would not be so surprising, after all, politics read and hear from a lot of people and they cannot possibly reply to everyone directly. Maybe even unconsciously, he read my e-mail and replied to it somehow.. Humans have got some forms of communication that are not so obvious, but that is subject for another post.

As I read through his answer and that was apparently good, I decided to take it for me, nonetheless.

Letter from the State Governor personal secretary.
Fig 1. Letter sent by the Governor personal secretary with Govt stamps and even a letterhead symbol saying thanks for my being available.

I don't reckon I will be sending any more CVs for volunteer work. If they don't need me within two or three more weeks, I may not be inclined or able to engage in that anymore. While I reckon that may do me very well mentally and physically, I may not be enough mentally stable to engage in that yet. I need focus on private companies and public examination for a fixed position at the local Govt, a city hall job, and also focus on my health.

PS: After answering the Governor secretary e-mail saying I felt happy and honoured by her message to me, I remarked, a little jokingly and good-humored, I would vote on his if he decides to run for president in 2022.

Some days later, there was this another speech from him saying he does not care about elections but the nation! Maybe I was inappropriate? That is appropriate to be concerned about 'responsibilities' and 'service' to the community..

The communication channel through the news feels like it has closed to me now.

"Aqui não há foco em nova eleição, há foco em vacinação", diz Doria

29.11.20 20:04

Ao comemorar a vitória de Bruno Covas, o governador João Doria defendeu o "equilíbrio, o bom senso e a capacidade de gestão".

"Bruno construiu sua vitória com seu programa de governo e sua própria trajetória. Foi meu sucessor e conduziu com eficiência, com foco. Foi brilhante, foi guerreiro, sério e dedicado."

Doria aproveitou para alfinetar Jair Bolsonaro, dizendo que "aqui não tem negacionismo" e que a prioridade será a vacinação. "Aqui não há foco em nova eleição, há foco em vacinação."