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by Mountaineerbr

#21 - Goals and Objectives for 2021

Uma lista e uma análise sobre as metas conquistadas (sem querer) depois do mestrado e planos futuros.

I used to write end-of-year lists of what goals I met and the ones I would pursue in the following year. It has been a long time I have not written one of those.

After completing master's course from university in 2017, I was completely lost. Since about 2006, when I was in high school in Japan, I decided I wanted to graduate in biological sciences and in a master's programme. I would then go back to Japan visit my friends within 7 or 8 years. Graduation took longer than expected and at one point I even thought I would not make it. Master's course went well, did not take longer than expected but I am not able to go back to Japan for a visit.

For a long time I run after these goals and never thought about what I would do once I had reached them. I would like and enjoy it very much to go back to Japan for a visit but I reckon I need earn some good money first as I am getting older.

Other than a generic goal of getting a job with a signed work card (carteira de trabalho assinada), I have not got big dreams or expectations anymore. You see, I went to Japan when I was young with my own efforts to plan the whole trip, so I feel no need to travel the world anymore. Instead, I learnt to like my country more and I wish to stay close to my family, that is all I want right now.

So while I have not got bigger plans, I wish to write some stuff down as an exercise. Maybe I can have a better idea and bigger goals later on.

Goals reached after Master's graduation (unplanned)

  1. Installed Arch Linux
  2. Learned Shell scripting, Bash and Z-Shell
  3. Put my paws on financial markets
  4. Learned money management
  5. Made some good investments

Goals for 2021

A quote from Ugly Old Goat video:

I am fast, I work hard, I party hard and I drink hard.
--Ugly Old Goat

That just means I do things with a lot of passion and effort. I ought add that I study hard, too, and that I am trying to give up on bad habits acquired through hardship of personal problems during university.

I wish all my readers a great 2021! Much Health for everyone!