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#17 - Podcast #3 - Auto Analysis, PIX Payments, Bitmex

Notas sobre os assuntos abordados no terceiro episódio do podcast. Lembramos que o áudio dos espisódios do podcast é em bom Português!


  1. I wrote a long personal analysis and some tips for self analysis in the past few weeks
  2. Good people to follow (Recomendações): Fausto Botelho, Bitconheiros, Dani Edson, Edilson Investimentos Digitais, Tone Vays, Ugly Old Goat (also check his medium blog), Krown's Crypto Cave, Willy Woo, John Bollinger
  3. Brazilian Novadax is my new favorite exchange, see it ranked at CoinGecko tables
  4. Bitmex and the CFCT action; see also Crypto Trading Platform BitMEX ‘Attempted to Evade’ US Regulations
  5. The Brazilian PIX system for instantaneous and 24/7 payments
  6. Andreas Antonopoulos, see his Mastering Bitcoin book; also we talk a little about grondilu's bitcoin-bash-tools and bitcoin core (bitcoin-cli)
  7. Talk about crypto wallets. I use Electrum as wallet and generate some addresses with vanity-gen; also see Samourai Wallet
  8. Are we at a bitcoin topping right now ($18,362.66) ? Probably yes and it is foolish to buy up here
  9. See also fun cartoons (Looney Tunes, Taz Mania, Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner and Tom & Jerry) at Warner Bros Kids

Saved for next episodes (?) :

Episode quote

An Act

Imagine one act

                was all the Universe

And all Eternity

                was to analyse that


  1. Perfect acts
  2. Good consequences
  3. Beware of madness

Um Ato

Imagine que um ato

                fosse tudo do Universo

Se teria toda a

               Eternidade para



  1. Ato perfeito
  2. Consequências boas
  3. Cuidado com a loucura