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by Mountaineerbr

#32 - First Vaccine Shot (Coronavac)

Levei meu pai para tomar a primeira dose de vacina na minha cidade. Também pegamos uma bula da vacina, a Coronavac do Butantan.

Finally, the age group of my father was eligible to take a vaccine shot against Covid. Here in Brazil, most vaccines are from Butantan Institute. This is a good vaccine, not so powerful as Pfizer's and others but should be the safest of all. This vaccine is made with old and fully-tested technology.

Father was rather anxious about this shot. He doesn't really live in the same town as I do but vaccines for his age group got here earlier so we arranged for him to get his shot here.

That was a fun day. We were just a little worried he would be unable to get the shot but all went well.

Father asked the nurse for a medicine leaflet of then Coronavac vaccine and she gave it to him. I took a photo of it.

Waiting in queue Nurse preparing the shot Nurse applying the shot
Coronavac leaflet (Front) Coronavac leaflet (Back)

Fig. 1 Waiting in the queue (number was 29), taking the shot and the vaccine leaflet.