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#11 - Blogs and Books

Tenho lido muitas notícias e visto vídeos porém tomam muito tempo que eu poderia estar usando para estudar algo mais produtivo: a lei ambiental brasileira!

E toda ela, inclusive. Sabendo primeiro a lei seca, esse conhecimento abrirá portas de emprego tanto públicos como privados.

Pretendo enquanto ler alguns blogs de biologia para me animar nas próximas semanas, vou me organizar, compilar as leis e começar a estudá-las com mais foco..

Since this blog started, I have been searching for other biology blogs, web tips and such. Many blogs are seemingly abandoned or perhaps their authors could not keep up with posting frequency but nonetheless plan to update them later.. It was possible to find many short blogs, which I tried to promptly read or skim through, and some longer ones, which will demand more time.

Below is a short list of the blogs I want to take my time and explore in the following weeks.

*Update on 19th Dec 2020. Starting a list of podcast/vlogs as well:

There are some books in bookshelves and in boxes to avoid their collecting dust. Most of my books are second-hand although there are a few which cost a lot. It took many years to grow my personal library. As I still have not read all of them, I have been avoiding to buy more books; now I try to download those books I want to keep.

Until recently, I mostly read news sites, forums, tutorials websites, manuals or university-related papers on the internet, so I did not read a physical book from head to tail regularly lately.. The problem is there is so much diverse types of text I read on the internet of which much is absolutely garbage, like for example politics. That can and should be avoided because that takes so much of my time. I will not digress much but I will only say YouTube videos have drawn a terrible token on me, too, time-wise..

I want to change that, revert to spending my time reading and dreaming about how I could accomplish things eventually in the future with good company from the book author and their ideas flowing in my mind.. Nothing better than to carefully choose a book for reading. There are so many good books to choose from written over millennia.. Think about that!

Mostly philosophy books Some general books My working bookshelf

Fig. 1 Some of my books

The most relevant literature I must take is also the most boring: environmental law. And all of Brazil environmental law is important.

Since I got my master's degree, I got to know bitcoin and did not study environmental law very much.. Finance was a universe I was not familiar with. Indeed most of my initial investment capital was brutally scammed in the first months and only now, almost two years and a half later, is that I am barely on the green (up eight percent total).. But I cannot be too hard on myself as there was absolutely no one to help me learning crypto and finance in general and I was on my own. I reckon this enterprise will prove a lot more profitable over time and I will have got some sound money.

That only will not make me rich. That is why I need focus on environmental law so I can try and get a good public gov't or private job position. Ted Nelson talks about generalistimos in one of his videos. His first advice is to know the law, specially if you want to be a consultant.

So my plans are to keep on reading those biology blogs to get some inspiration instead of "news" or YouTube videos, compile and study all the environmental law. Not easy but that is what I need do.

Also, this time of year until December is a great window for sending curriculum to private companies. I did that already soon after I got my master's degree and was unsuccessful but that is a good idea to try again (and again next year!).